David L. McIntyre - Complete Catalogue Holdings

Title Record Type Composition Date Duration Call Number
A Victorian stomp
Sound recording, archival 2011 00:01:51 AR2939
Above an abyss
songs on poems by Joanne Gerber
Sound recording, archival 1987 00:29:44 AR2281
Above an abyss
Print-music, published 1987 00:25:00 MV 1205 M1527ab
Watershed stories
Sound recording, commercial 2006 N/A CD 1143
Sound recording, archival 1984 00:10:06 AR2885
three short pieces (for bassoon and piano)
Print-music, Published by CMC 1984 00:09:00 MI 5214 M1527Ba
The beatitudes
Print-music, Published by CMC 1988 00:06:00 MV 6101 M1527be
Bird of dawning
Sound recording, archival 2011 00:01:52 AR2939
Bird of dawning
for voice and piano
Print-music, published 2001 Unknown MV 1101 M1527bir
Bushwakker six pack/hybrids
music by Elizabeth Raum and David McIntyre
Sound recording, commercial 2004 N/A CD 979
Butterflies & bobcats
for piano
Print-music, published 2004 Unknown MI 2110 M1527but
Butterflies and bobcats
Sound recording, archival 2008 00:09:20 AR2463
Canadian chops
Sound recording, commercial N/A CD 1326
Canadian flute quartets
Sound recording, commercial 2010 N/A CD 1499
Casual March ; Formal March
Print-music, published 1991 Unknown MI 2110 M1527ca
six pieces for violin, clarinet and piano
Print-music, published 2004 Unknown MI 8315 M1527ch
Cinderella suite
Sound recording, archival 1997 00:17:11 AR2018
Concerto for piano and orchestra
Piano concerto no. 1
Sound recording, archival 00:28:54 AR2523
Concerto for piano and orchestra
piano concerto no. 1
Print-music, published 2003 00:26:00 MI 1361 M1527co1
Concerto for violin and orchestra
Sound recording, archival 2008 00:40:27 AR2534
studio 19 (for clarinet and piano)
Print-music, published 1987 Unknown MI 5213 M1527di
studio 19
Sound recording, archival 1991 00:05:17 AR1145
Print-music, published 1987 Unknown MI 2110 M1527em
E-motion Suite
Sound recording, archival 1991 00:14:15 AR1145
Ecclesiastes I
Print-music, Published by CMC 1988 00:05:45 MV 6101 M1527ec
for flute and piano
Print-music, published 2004 Unknown MI 5211 M1527fab
Fanfare for a beloved city
Sound recording, archival 2003 00:04:37 AR2530
Fantasy for trombone
Sound recording, archival 00:07:00 AR671
Festive sonata
Print-music, Published by CMC 1986 Unknown MI 6211 M1527fe
From Prairie to pine
piano solos by Saskatchewan composers
Monograph 2005 N/A MT 249 S25fr