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Ronald Hannah: Biography

Ronald Hannah
1945 -
Region: British Columbia

Ronald Hannah

Ron Hannah was born in 1945 in Saskatchewan, but he is a wanderer. At present he resides in Austria after having backpacked much of the world for several years.

In 1969 he received a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry from the University of Alberta, and a B. Mus. and an M.Mus. degree (student of Violet Archer and Malcolm Forsyth) in 1973 and 1975 respectively. While a student, he met singer Andrea Mellis, and 40 years later, married her. Before that, he taught in public schools and helped raise two daughters. But even during the most trying days of parenthood and making a living, he continued to compose.

His works have been performed in Canada and internationally, and his catalogue contains over one hundred compositions: choral, chamber, song cycles, orchestral works, ballets, and several operas and theatre pieces, the most recent being a depiction of the life of St. Gregory of Armenia. He prefers vivid and honest texts that are colorful in language and irreverent in tone. His music tends toward the conservative, in a style that he describes as "dissonant pan-tonality", but elements of the atonal, of textural writing, of minimalism, and of randomness can also be found - with the unending intention of being understood and enjoyed by an audience. He has received commissions from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, the Alberta Choral Federation, and many others.


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