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Allan Crossman: Biography

Allan Crossman
1942 -
Region: Québec

Allan Crossman

Allan Crossman has had the great pleasure of writing for soloists and ensembles worldwide on both concert and theater stages, including many commissions. Compositions have received special awards and commentary, as has his teaching.

Music for Human Choir shared Top Honors at the Waging Peace Through Singing Festival in Oregon; Flyer was written in 2003 for the centenary of the famous Wright Brothers flight and recorded by the North/South Chamber Orchestra (NYC) under Max Lifchitz, with cellist Nina Flyer. North/South also produced the GRAMMY-nominated album Millennium Overture, with Crossman’s wind-string quintet of the same name; and a recent collaboration is with the Eusebius Duo (violin/piano, SF), for the 2015 piece, Florébius. Canada Council, American Composers Forum, Meet the Composer and others have supported his work.

He has composed/music-directed for many theater companies. The Log of the Skipper’s Wife was produced by the Royal Shakespeare Co. at Stratford, England and the Kennedy Center, with Crossman’s music drawn from Irish/Scottish shanties; it also appeared at the Camden Opera House, Maine, where Dorothea Balano, the skipper’s wife, saw many operas in the early 20th century. He was music director of the Anne of Green Gables musical tour of Montreal and Hong Kong, and creator of the soundtrack for the award-winning animated film X MAN, by Christopher Hinton (National Film Board of Canada).

He has taught at Concordia University, Montreal (Professor Emeritus), San Francisco Conservatory, Wheaton College, Pacific Conservatory, and the John Adams Young Composers Program. A number of his students are active as concert and film composers.


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