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André Hamel: Biography

André Hamel
1955 -
Region: Québec

André Hamel

Born in 1955, André Hamel has been an active composer since the middle of the Eighties. He is equally as interested in creation as production. André has been a member of the 'Committee Artistique de la SMCQ' since 2000. He is active in several organizations including 'la Société des concerts alternatifs du Québec' (Codes d’Accès) and was a founding member of the 'le Conseil québécois de la musique' and Canadian Music Centre. He also appeared alongside Alain Lalonde and Alain Dauphinais of the 'collectif Espaces sonores illimités' (www.espacessonoresillimites.com).

Andre Hamel has seen his works performed here and abroad. He has been the recipient of several awards and distinctions - a special mention at the International Composition Contest Goffredo Petrassi (Arturo Toscanini Foundation in Parma, Italy, 1997), the 'Prix Opus' for the Creation of the Year in 1998, the Joseph-S Stauffer Prize - Council for the Arts in 2000 and recently (2009), 2nd prize ex-aequo Contest contemporary music for his work for a saxophone quartet and digital processing 'Morning Mist' and 'Urban Textures'. From July 1 to December 31, 2003, André Hamel obtained a residency at the Studio du Québec in New York. In June 2007, his saxophone octet, 'Eight', was picked from among the works recommended in the International Rostrum of Composers UNESCO. Noted also is that his record, 'The Trilogy Presto' (Atma), was nominated for a Prix Opus (2006-2007).

In recent years, he has participated in several major undertakings including the re-creation of the festival's 2011 MNM multidisciplinary show 'Urnos' (founded in 2004), Spatio Lumino's Espaces sonores illimité (ESI) opened the festival Montreal New Music (MNM) 2007, 'le jardin sonore le Sonarium' (Flora - 2006), 'les projets collectifs la Symphonie des Éléments' (MNM - 2005), 'Fanfares' (FIMAV, ESI – 2005) and the Millennium Symphony (SMCQ - May 2000).

Andre Hamel is currently teaching composition and ear training at the CEGEP Marie-Victorin.

Photo credit: Martine Doyen


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