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Veronika Krausas: Biography

Veronika Krausas
1963 -
Region: Ontario

Veronika Krausas

Veronika Krausas (b. 1963) has had her works performed in Australia, Canada, Germany (at the Darmstadt New Music Festival), Romania, the Netherlands and the United States. She has received grants and commissions from Motion Ensemble, the Canada Council, a Millennium Commissioning Grant, and two Interdisciplinary Arts Initiative grants in Los Angeles. Veronika holds a business degree in marketing from the University of Calgary and composition degrees from the University of Toronto, McGill University in Montreal, and her doctorate from the University of Southern California. In 2002 Motion Ensemble released Mnemosyne, a CD of solo and chamber works. Her piano pieces are published by Frederick Harris Music Publishers. Under her production group Vera Ikon Productions, she has produced and composed music for yearly shows since her arrival in Los Angeles. Veronika currently teaches theory and composition at the University of Southern California at the Thornton School of Music.



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