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Suzanne Hébert-Tremblay: Biography

Suzanne Hébert-Tremblay
1961 -
Region: Québec

Suzanne Hébert-Tremblay

Composer and clarinettist Suzanne Hébert-Tremblay studied at several Conservatoires de musique du Québec and at University of Montréal, and she pursued further training in Paris (IRCAM).

She has written about 40 works, most of them inspired by Nature. Six of them are based on bird songs: “I grew up at the edge of a forest where I used to spend the better part of the day. My fascination with birds and their songs led me to become a birdwatcher. Still today, I regularly leave behind the city and its entertainments (TV, Internet, etc.), especially in summer. These escapes seem necessary for my equilibrium, and I believe it is during these beneficial breaks that I am most prolific as a composer.

Suzanne Hébert-Tremblay has won several prizes, including from SOCAN for Deux monodies pour clarinette, from the National Art Centre (Ottawa) for Calme, étale, la mer berce un grand soleil fauve, and a special mention of the Masterprize jury (England) for Piccolo tango de Montréal. Her works have been performed in Canada, the United States and Europe (by the National Arts Centre Orchestra, the Orchestre Métropolitain du Grand Montréal, the St. Lawrence String Quartet, the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, the Orchestre symphonique du Saguenay Lac-St- Jean, the Symphony Nova Scotia, the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony, etc.).

Suzanne Hébert-Tremblay is a member of the Orchestre symphonique de Trois-Rivières and she teaches at the Collège de Lanaudière.


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