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Luc Marcel: Biography

Luc Marcel
1962 -
Region: Québec

Luc Marcel

Luc Marcel was born in Montréal in 1962. His works have been performed in Canada, the United States and in Europe by several ensembles including SMCQ (Montréal), Arraymusic (Toronto), the Chromos Saxophone Quartet (Chicago), the St-X Ensemble Xénakis (USA), the Ensemble Solange (New York), the American Festival of Microtonal Music (New York) and Montréal pianist Jacques Drouin. He has won acclaim as a result of several commissions in modern dance music including Entre la mémoire et l'oublie for Montréal Danse and their choreographer Paul-André Fortier, which was performed by SMCQ and also Wind, created for the Toronto choreographer Bill James. This latter work was recorded in New York by the Chromos Saxophone Quartet. Luc Marcel recently completed Asile for piano and orchestra, which will receive its world premiere in Vienna in February 1999. Also, Pastel for large orchestra, will be premiered by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in February 1999. Another new work entitled Modele 312, written for orchestra, will be premiered in November 1999 in New York during the American Festival of Microtonal Music. 1999


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