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Elizabeth Knudson: Biography

Elizabeth Knudson
1981 -
Region: British Columbia

Elizabeth Knudson

Elizabeth Knudson (b. 1981) is a Vancouver-based composer. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Simon Fraser University (2004), and a Masters degree in Composition from the University of British Columbia (2006). Ms. Knudson is currently composer-in-residence of Vancouver-based Allegra Chamber Orchestra. She has also had works performed by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Victoria Symphony, West Coast Symphony, Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra, Phoenix Chamber Choir, musica intima, Chor Leoni Men’s Choir, Turning Point Ensemble, soloists Ariel Barnes (cello), and Oliver de Clercq (horn), the RTSH Radio Television Orchestra (Albania), Duo Ahlert & Schwab (Germany), and Music Progressive Quartet (Macedonia), among others. Highlights include performances at the Sonic Boom Festival (Vancouver, BC), Open Ears Festival (Kitchener, ON), Baie des Chaleurs International Chamber Music Festival (Dalhousie, NB), and the New Music Festival at California State University (USA), and guest hosting the first international edition of “Making Waves” new music programme (Australia), featuring works by seven Canadian composers. Recent premieres include a jazz concerto (“Blueprint”), a work for sitar and chamber ensemble, (“A Drop of Honey”), premiered at the Indian Summer Festival in Burnaby, BC, Canada, a work for cello octet (“Acqua”) in collaboration with a choreographer plus four dancers, premiered in Vancouver, Canada, and a work for quartet and orchestra (“Equinox”)—taken on tour through Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo with Music Progressive Quartet, and the West Coast Symphony Orchestra. Outside of composing, Elizabeth is a freelance cellist and music instructor, and performs with several local ensembles, including her own string quartet.


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