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Cassandra Miller: Biography

Cassandra Miller
1976 -
Region: Québec

Cassandra Miller

Cassandra Miller (1976) is a Canadian composer of chamber and orchestral music, currently living in the north of England. For the last few years, her compositions have explored the transcription of pre-existing music (often vocal) as a way to translate its musicality/vocality into another experience. She has also been interested in what she calls “iconic directions” – that is, music that goes up, music that goes down, sometimes music that goes back and forth. Her present work also involves direct and personal collaboration with a wide international network of solo musicians, as well as ensembles and orchestras. From 2010 to 2013, Cassandra was Artistic Director of Innovations en concert in Montreal.

Her cello concerto written for the Tectonics Festival, cellist Charles Curtis, and the BBC Scottish Symphony directed by Ilan Volkov, was hailed as an “unexpected highlight of the festival” (TEMPO) and her chamber work Bel Canto received the 2011 Jules-Léger Prize for New Chamber Music, Canada’s highest honour for composition.

Photo by Andrew Parker