Programme Interview, Ana Sokolovic

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This interview with Montreal composer Ana Sokolovic, conducted by Quebec composer Jean Lesage, was published in the programme of the “Présences 99” festival, organized by Radio-France. For this, its ninth edition, the festival devoted much of its programming to contemporary music by Quebec composers. The conversation follows Ana Sokolovic’s biographical development, from her early musical training in Belgrade, in her native Yugoslavia, through her move to Montreal and her subsequent studies with José Evangelista, who exerted a profound influence on her, namely by introducing her to the wealth of non-Western musical traditions. Comments on several of her works (Cinq locomotives et quelques animaux, Jeu de portraits, Géométrie sentimentale, Blanc dominant) are followed by reflections on extra-musical sources of inspiration, especially the visual arts, and on her writing style. The interview is prefaced with a short biographical note, a list of selected works and a selective discography.

Credits:Lesage, Jean. Ana Sokolovic; Présence de la musique québécoise, Festival Présences 99 programme, 1999.
Subject:Ana Sokolovic
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Created Date1999
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