Interview, Crawley's Cultural Influences: England to Canada

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“The idea of writing music for (an inside group of knowledgeable listeners) is not my aim. I hope people without specialized training can enjoy my music.” –C.C.

In this interview, Clifford Crawley discusses his early musical training in London and his approach to composition. “The great advantage of studies in that part of the world was the many opportunities to hear first-rate performances by world-famous groups and individuals like Myra Hess, Francis Poulenc, Dennis Brain, etc. despite wartime conditions.” In 1973, Crawley moved to Canada, though “it didn’t influence my compositional activities very much,” aside from “allowing me to find a fine publisher for my music for young people, as well as a number of sympathetic performers.” The composer’s desire for immediacy and communication in his music is expressed in this desire to compose for youth. “All but one of my operatic ventures involve young people- my approach in these works is to have professionals alongside young people so that they can have the experience of taking part in a theatrical event.”

Airs and Graces was written during a short trip to Australia, after he had been impressed by the attitude and ability of the wind players in the Aeolian Wind Quintet after playing a commission of Crawley’s. “There is no programmatic element—no titles—(these are) just short ‘happy’ pieces,” he says.

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