Farewell to the Mountains

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Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1998
Record Label: Private Edition

This recording ranges from some of the best loved traditional Japanese melodies to contemporary works inspired through Eastern influence. Most of the music on this recording is programmatic. The primary instruments of Japanese music are the koto (zither), chamisen (lute) and shakuhachi (flute). As with Western music, instruments have been present to varying degrees in both classical and folk musical expressions, assimilating aspects of those forms and disseminating their own influence. The koto, shamisen and shakuhachi were the three representative instruments of the Edo period (1600-1868) although their formative history substantially pre-dates this.

The modern period of Japanese history dates from the Meiji restoration of 1868. Emperor Meiji who reigned from 1868 to 1912 opened the country to the outside world and its influences. His reforms included the adoption of European music into the Japanese educational system. By the mid 20th century, music in Japan reflected mixtures of three basic types: Japanese traditional music, Western traditional music and international modern trends (world music).

Michael Strutt has performed in all major Canadian cities and in England, Spain, the United States and Poland. He was a featured soloist on the BBC documentary of Bream's 1965 Master Class. In addition to classes with Jose Tomas and Jose Luis Rodrigo, he has performed on Master Classes for Alirio Diaz, Pepe Romero and Leo Brouwer. He has a special interest in contemporary repertoire and has premiered more than 25 Canadian guitar works, many written for him. Michael Strutt's recordings range from CBC broadcasts, his album Komachi described by Guitar International as "unfailingly poetic and musical," to the soundtrack of the motion picture Salvador.


1. Yadokari

KOSAKU TAMADA (arr. Michael Strutt)

2. Chugoko-chiho no komoriuta

KOSAKU TAMADA (arr. Michael Strutt)

3. Aka-tombo


4. Jahla

YOSHINAO NAKADA (arr. Nobutaka Nakagawa)

5. Yuki no furu machi o

MORISHIGE TAKEI (arr. Michael Strutt)

6. Aki no iro


7. Ochiba no sei

KOZABURO HIRAI (arr. Nobutaka Nakagawa)

8. Yurikago


9. Cinq Haïkus Atonaux

AKIRA NAKADA (arr. Nobutaka Nakagawa)

10. Soshun fu


11. Hoshi o mir

PHAM DUY (arr. Han Vo-Ta)

12. Hen hò

TADUSUKE ONO (arr. Nobutaka Nakagawa)

13. Yoimachi-gusa

HASEO SUGIYAMJA (arr. Michael Strutt)

14. Defune


15. Variozioni sul kojo-no-tsuki

ALAN HOVHANESS (arr. Michael Strutt)

16. Sprit of a Willow Tree

17. Sage of Celestial Mountain

18. Rain Harp

19. Flight of Dawn Birds

20. Moon Harp

KOSAKU YAMADA (arr. Nobutaka Nakagawa)

21. Kono michi


22. Landscape

ALAN HOVHANESS (arr. Michael Strutt)

23. Farewell to the Mountains

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