From the Lunar Plexus

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Lunar Perplex (1,630.71 kb)
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Night Orchestra (1,630.71 kb)
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SKU: CD-PK-894715
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2012
Record Label: Independent

A mesmerizing blend of spoken word, music and manipulated soundscape, From The Lunar Plexus touches on the issues and feelings that matter to us most. kemp's performance narrates a night journey through a series of dream sequences. Her voice leaps effortlessly as she explores the tapestry of human emotion that is the human condition. From The Lunar Plexus is a sonic soul journey. It dances playfully, it rages, it soothes, and it brings joy. Thus waxes the Lunar Plexus.

1. Cogito Ergo Sum

2. Night Orchestra

3. Wait Late

4. The Sheen Of Lift

5. Disarming Le Revenant

6. Shoulder Pads

7. Puppeteer

8. Dreaming The End of March

9. From An Upstairs Window

10. Flower for Novails

11. Bass On The Grass

12. Two Lips

13. Not Waving But Drowning

14. We May Be Mad

15. Arms And The Boy

16. After Image

17. Frau Gobels

18. Through The 49th Door

19. Altar Ego

20. Lunar Perplex

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