Daughter of Olapa

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SKU: CD-WRC8 6932
Call Number: CD 288
Organization: Ardeleana Trio
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1996
Record Label: Independent

Daughter of Olapa contains continuous pulse, multiple layers of melody and rhythm, cyclic features, and is harmonically and rhythmically inspired by Kenyan popular music, featuring a constant "benga-beat" and shifting, melodic/rhythmic patterns. No percussion is scored, but each performer's role is highly rhythmic.

Out of the Quiet, with poetry by Winnipeg poet Di Brandt, is part of the music drama Quietly Landed? telling stories of Mennonite-born women. These songs reflect various colours and experiences of women - from welcoming ancestors, to reclaiming a broken spririt, to mourning the loss of a miscaried infant, to celebrating the red wine of life and becoming an "electric keyboard".

What reviewers have said about her music:

"Weaver's music sustains a spontaneity and joy which are rare indeed." (Kroetsch, in MUSICWORKS)

"This music . . . integrates material not only across geography, but also from idioms often considered separate: Western classical, jazz, pop, and New Age" (Edwards in IAWM Journal)

"This music is rich and complex with intricate relationships among instruments and voices" (Paape in HERIZONS)

"The appeal of her work is universal, extending beyond gender and conventional musical divisions." (Todd in Ottawa Citizen)

"Weaver doesn't often use her jazz voice for rollicking, but for earthy punch. This music is soulful, introspective, accessible, clearly enticing." (Johnston in KW Record)

"Journey Begun is a genre-bender, fresh and daring, pushing parameters of musical style" (CKWR Radio)

1. Otter Frolic

2-5. Out of the Quiet

6. Rites of Africa

7-13. Daughter of Olapa

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