Raw Sangudo

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Raw Sangudo (1,397.75 kb)
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The Chamber of Statues (1,399.59 kb)
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SKU: CD-XI 112
Call Number: CD 383
Organization: Les Coucous Bénévoles
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 1995
Record Label: Experimental Intermedia Foundation

Allison Cameron's compositions can be characterized as rigorous forms within which specific sound worlds are explored. She experiments with the physicality of sound on various instruments, using pithy material to exploit instrumental colours. Most of her works to date have been written for a variety of chamber ensembles encompassing both traditional and unusual groups of instruments.

What the critics say:

"Cameron's world is atomic in a double sense, in that it builds large structures from small, and seems to gain enormous force from internal energies that hold those small structures together. The title work, for instance, projects a feeling of fierce compression largely by exploiting the internal tension of a minute trumpet figure. Cameron is so adept at keeping things taut that even the silences feel crowded." - Robert Everett-Green, The Globe and Mail, February 3, 1996

"Most to my taste was Allison Cameron's The Chamber of Statues, a quiet, spooky piece for sextet --a high-tension-wire drone with jagged outcroppings." - Kevin Whitehead, Coda

1. Raw Sangudo

2. Runa

3. Gibbous Moon

4. The Chamber of Statues

5. A Blank Sheet of Metal

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