Rain in the Forest

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Incense and Flowers (933.06 kb)
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Rain in the Forest (930.20 kb)
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Call Number: CD 1178
Organization: Latvian National Symphony Orchestra
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2008
Record Label: Centrediscs / Centredisques

This new recording features three concerti by Canadian composer Mark Armanini, each featuring soloists performing on Asian instruments. The works are chamber-like in texture and detail, delicately blending Oriental and Occidental sounds and gestures into concerto form, the results of which are uncommonly fresh and striking. These are fully realized orchestral works that represent a level of creativity and successful synthesis of Eastern and Western traditions that only an artist as attuned to both worlds as Armanini can attain.

"I was impressed not only with the composer's sensitive presentation of these unusual instruments in an orchestral setting, but also his inclusion of a representative sample of the Khac Chi Ensemble's rich Vietnamese instrumentarium."

- Andrew Timar, Wholenote

1-3. Incense and Flowers

4. Rain in the Forest

5-7. Dance of Many Colours


Heidi Krutzen (harp/harpe)
Vivan Xia (yangqin)
Khac Chi (dan bau, bamboo flutes/flûtes en bambou)
Huong Ng Bich (dan bau/dan bau basse, koni)
Latvian National Symphony Orchestra
John Zoltek (conductor / chef d'orchestre)

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