Ana Sokolovic talks about Svadba (Wedding)

Description:In this video, Ana Sokolovic talks about the inspiration behind her new opera, Svadba (Wedding) presented by Queen of Puddings Music Theatre.
Credits:Ana Sokolovic, Queen of Puddings
Subject:Ana Sokolovic | Svadba (Wedding)
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Svadba, to come back to my first talk thinking, is about a wedding. And to have this connection with Stravinsky, is that I wanted to use the same kind of traditional texts from Serbian traditional literature of bald, or wedding. But because we didn’t have any male voices in our first plan, I thought about the night before the wedding… actually the night kind of shower which exists in almost all countries in the world… the night before the wedding. So, six female voices, I wanted them to sing, and I think some events as Svadba, of the wedding, is [a] very important and emotional moment where we can really sing and when the singers can explore all kinds of emotions and present [them].

Created Date17 Apr 2011