The Orchestration of Quebec May

Description:In this video, Frederick Schipizky collaborates with Jean Coulthard on the orchestration of her work Quebec May from 1948.
Credits:Frederick Schipizky, Jean Coulthard
Subject:Jean Coulthard | Frederick Schipizky | Quebec May
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Section 1: Tea Time with Jean

Schipizky and Coulthard discuss advances in technology, and of the video machine that is taping their session: an 8 millimeter format.

Section 2: Schipizky Symphony number 2 on back burner

Schipizky: I saw George [...] today. And he says, "How's your piece coming along?," and I said, "well, to tell you the truth [laughs], I haven't done much more work on it, but I finished Jean's piece pretty well." [Coulthard laughs]

Coulthard: Well, maybe we can get it into him before I go away at the end of the month, just get rid of this.

Schipizky: Yeah, possibly. Yeah well, I'm sure we can.

Coulthard: There was one place that I want to ask your advice, I think [...] I think it was impossible to use what was in the piano. How did you handle the ending?

Schipizky: Uh, well, I'll show it to you. Oh that worked out fine. What I did was, I sort of layered the... I had first, seconds and violas. Depending on what kind of register it was in. So then, I'll show you, I'll just play a little... it's the type of thing. What you do is... [Schipizky demonstrates on the piano].

Coulthard: Well that's marvelous.

Sections 3-end

In the following sections of the video, Schipizky reviews Coulthard's orchestration of her original piano work, and they discuss various details, such as the scoring of the horn part. They even discuss details such as which pencil they used to write out their scores. They then work out the most difficult aspect of the collaboration: the bridging of their two respective sections. In the final section of the video, Schipizky explains how he orchestrated the end of the piece, with which Coulthard seems very pleased. He then raises a scoring issue that he faced, the solution to which Coulthard finds to be "very good, very clever." After solving a discrepancy in Coulthard's original score between an F natural and F sharp, the video concludes.

Created Date12 Jan 2012