Interview with Ana Sokolovic


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Description:In this interview with Ana Sokolovic, the composer discusses her childhood dream of being an artist. This is a clip from SMCQ's video compilation Composing?!, 12 Portraits, Volume 1.
Credits:Ana Sokolovic, Irène Messier, Anne Marie Messier, SMCQ
Subject:Ana Sokolovic
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TranscriptionI dreamed of being an artist, I dreamed of having a job which didn't have fixed hours. Like any artist my work hours are not from 9-5, five days a week, my work hours are 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I try to translate into music my dreams, my thoughts, my childhood, the things that interest me and the things that don't interest me. I get my inspiration from paintings from geometric shapes from a story or a poem. Sometimes the form of my piece follows the form of a story. Composing for me means having great freedom but with many restrictions and that's what I like. I'd like for children, for young adults to keep one thing in mind and that's, no matter how difficult it is to choose what you want to do in life the only important thing is to really enjoy what you're doing and no matter how difficult it is no matter what obstacles you have to overcome you'll be happy and you'll be able to fullfil your goals and that's the most important thing. Love what you do and you'll be happy.
Created Date2006