Midwinter Night's Dream

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Call Number: CD 1060
Organization: Canadian Children's Opera Chorus
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2012
Record Label: Centrediscs / Centredisques

A Midwinter Night’s Dream - something old and forever new. Composer Harry Somers and librettist Tim Wynne-Jones, two of our greatest Canadian creators, teamed up to write this children’s opera. A brilliant contemporary story of the North mixed with elements of legend. A score that blends music based on Inuit singing, North American musical theatre and popular music as naturally as only a master like Somers can deliver. It has at its core something important to say to children everywhere.

"...a wonderful thing, and I congratulate all involved for a fine, professional job. Music educators should take notice, but so should all lovers of good chamber opera. I enjoyed this immensely."

- Allen Gimbel, American Record Guide

A Midwinter Night's Dream *

1-5. Act/Acte 1

6-13. Act/Acte 2

Tim Wynne-Jones, libretto/livret

* This work was nominated for a 2007 JUNO Award: Best Classical Composition.

Cette oeuvre a été nominée pour un JUNO 2007: Meilleur composition classique.


Chief/Chef Moonwok: James Westman, baritone/baryton
Daisy: Alison McHardy, mezzo
Ai'o'u: Michael Colvin, tenor/ténor
Jimmy Monnwok: John Michael Schneider, singer/chanteur; Matthew Galloway, actor/acteur
Eva Padiluk: Heather Hudyma
The Seal/Le Phoque: Claire Hughes
Trio: Larissa Swenarchuk, Alexandra Beley, Shannon Gault
Canadian Children's Opera Chorus
Conducted by/Direction: Ann Cooper Gay
Pianist/Pianiste: Claire Preston
Percussion: Daniel Morphy

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