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International Composition Prize 2013

International Composition Prize 2013

May 18, 2012

International Composition Prize 2013
Luxembourg Sinfonietta
Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra

The Luxembourg Society for Contemporary Music announces its
10th International Composition Prize for 2013
in cooperation with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.

Information in English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Japanese:

Composers from all over the world – regardless of age – are invited to present new works for
an orchestra consisting of seven traditional Chinese instruments and seven classical western
- The pieces may be scored for the full ensemble of 14 musicians:

1 dizi (bamboo flute: using a maximum 1 bangdi in G and 1 qudi in C)
1 sheng (mouth organ: 36 pipe keyed soprano sheng)
1 erhu (2-string fiddle)
1 guzheng (21-string pentatonic zither)
1 pipa (4-string lute)
1 sanxian (3-string fretless lute)
1 player: Chinese percussion (1 medium drum 花盆鼓, 1 small drum 小堂鼓,
1 bangu 板鼓,1 small cymbal 小钹, 5- tone gongs 五音鑼)
Chinese instruments, please see appendix for the range table
1 clarinet in Bb
1 bass clarinet in Bb
1 horn in F
1 tuba
1 cello
1 piano
1 player: Western percussion (vibraphone, glockenspiel, 3 tom-toms,
2 suspended cymbals, bass drum)

- Compositions – in a single movement – shall last from 10 to 12 minutes, consisting of
9 music-sections. Each section shall last from 50 to 90 seconds.
- Each music-section shall be inspired by a painting / photograph of a scene or scenery,
the pictures of which will be up-loadable at websites for candidates to refer.
- The sequence of the proposed pictures numbered from 1 to 9 must be respected, each
music section being marked at its start by the composer with its respective reference
- During the Final Concert, the selected works will be performed together with a slide
show of the pictures of inspiration.
- Compositions must have been written especially for this competition;
They must not have been performed previously nor awarded a prize.
- Only one entry per person will be accepted.
- The duration of the work (10 to 12 minutes) must be stated on the score.
- There is no entry fee.
- Three copies of the score must be sent by registered mail. They will only be
considered if they are anonymous and identified by a code word.
- A recording of the submitted composition (mp3, aiff or wav on CD) may be enclosed
with the score.
- A sealed envelope, also marked with the code word only, must accompany the score
and contain the composer’s name, address, photo, curriculum vitae and a copy of
his/her passport.
- All documents should be sent to:

Luxembourg Sinfonietta
3, route d’Arlon
L-8009 Strassen

- Deadline for entries: 15th September 2012
- The compositions will be judged by an International Jury.
- The judges will select four works in a preliminary round. These works will be
premiered at the Final Concert to be given in Hong Kong on 11th January 2013.
- The finalists must be present at the Final Concert in Hong Kong.
- The judges will announce the prize-winners following the performance.
- The Prize winners’ concert will be featured in Luxembourg.
Prizes will be awarded as follows:
1st prize: 3,000 €
2nd prize: 2,000 €
3rd prize: 1,500 €
4th prize: 1,000 €
- The prize-winning works will be issued on CD.
- The judges reserve the right not to award a prize.
- The jury’s decision is final and cannot be legally challenged.
- The scores and parts of the selected compositions must be available to the orchestra
free of charge.
- The scores remain the property of the Luxembourg Music Information Centre.
For further information please contact:
Luxembourg Sinfonietta
Tel: (+ 352) 22 58 21 Fax: (+ 352) 22 58 23
e-mail: info@luxembourg-sinfonietta.lu