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Canada's choral tradition excites Viva Voce choir

Canada's choral tradition excites Viva Voce choir

May 24, 2012
British Columbia

"Choral composition in Canada had an unusual beginning. Dating back to 1606, it’s believed that Canada’s first choral work was performed on the waters at Port Royal in Nova Scotia. It was a four-part song called Great God Neptune composed to words written by Marc Lescarbot, a French author, poet and lawyer.

This, according to the Canadian Encyclopaedia of Music, was to “welcome the port’s founders, Samuel de Champlain and Jean de Biencourt de Poutrincourt, on their return from coastal explorations . . . .”

The story has it that morale was low in the settlement; winter was coming, scurvy had claimed many lives and the only link the settlers had to France was one ship yet to return from exploration with their leaders. With Lescarbot’s idea of producing his play as a distraction for the unease, theatre in Canada was born..."


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