Hoping for a scintilla of perfection

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This is an article by Leonard Turnevicius, published in the Hamilton Spectator, about Abigail Richardson's Sintilla for string quartet. In the article, Richardson describes some past performances of the piece, and explains her hope that the (then) upcoming performance by Quatuor Molinari will be the perfect performance of her piece that had not yet been achieved in her view. Richardson discusses Scintilla, mentioning the "glimmers" of ideas in the piece that had not yet been fully developed, which she went on to explore in some of her later works.

Credits:Leonard Turnevicius, The Hamilton Spectator
Subject:Abigail Richardson | Scintilla for string quartet
Related People:Abigail Richardson-SchulteAbigail Richardson-Schulte
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Created Date05 May 2011
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