Les Voiles Blanches

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Konstruction I (1,407.35 kb)
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A Place Where Isis Blooms (938.77 kb)
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Call Number: CD 1590
Media Type: CD
Year of Release: 2012
Record Label: Independent

Joel Cormier's debut album "Les Voiles Blanches" presents the percussion music from two important New Brunswick composers: Richard Gibson and Christian Hébert. The album highlights a wide variety of percussion instruments. From vibraphone and marimba in Musique matinale and Frère Ange, to timpani in Musique pour cinq Timbales, to bigger percussion setups in Les voiles blanches and Cora. Joel is joined by Etienne Levesque in Konstruction I, II and III, which are very energetic percussion duets. " Les Voiles Blanches" is a beautiful and eclectic mix of pieces which will sure to please many different tastes.

1. Konstruction I - Hébert
2. A Place Where Isis Blooms - Gibson
3. Musique Pour Cinq Timbales - Gibson
4. Cora - Gibson
5. Konstruction II - Hébert
6. Musique Matinale - Gibson
7. Frère Ange - Hébert
I. Départ du Frère François
II. Le Refus des Mendiants
II. La Réprimande du Frère François
IV.Le Pardon du Frère Ange
8. Les Voiles Blanches - Gibson
9. Konstruction III - Hébert

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