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Ken Dryden to host performance as part of NACO’s 2013-14 season

Ken Dryden to host performance as part of NACO’s 2013-14 season

March 13, 2013

The Hockey Sweater will be set to music at the NAC

"Former hockey great Ken Dryden will co-host a musical performance at the NAC based on the famous Canadian story The Hockey Sweater. It’s part of the NAC Orchestra’s 2013-14 season announced Wednesday.

Inside every professional hockey player rests a rock star wannabe.

At least that’s Ken Dryden’s opinion.

“Everybody who has ever been a hockey player, their real fantasy is to be a rock star, just as the rock star wants to be a hockey player. It never leaves my mind.” Even while he is teaching a course at McGill University in Montreal.

The former hockey great, hockey executive, lawyer, Liberal cabinet minister, writer and thinker says, even after his varied and illustrious career, there is a lure to the stage lights and the grease paint.

Perhaps that is what has underpinned, at least in part, his participation in a music performance centred around the famous Roch Carrier story known as The Hockey Sweater, which is likely to be one of the more popular productions at the NAC next season. Dryden will co-host the performance, with a musical score written by Canadian composer Abigail Richardson as a co-commission of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, the NACO and the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s part of the National Arts Centre Orchestra’s 2013-14 season, which was announced Wednesday..."


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