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Turnevicius: What Next? Find out beginning April 11

Turnevicius: What Next? Find out beginning April 11

April 4, 2013

"...What Next is back. Yes, after an absence of one season, all systems are go for the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra’s new music festival.

This time around, the festival’s five concerts will run over two weekends in April. Although there will be a tip of the cap to the late iconoclastic American composer John Cage whose centenary was last year, the HPO’s composer-in-residence and What Next coprogrammer Abby Richardson-Schulte is happily training the spotlight on Hamilton’s musicians, composers and visual artists.

“I felt that since there’s such a strong arts scene in Hamilton that it would make sense to include some art programs,” said Richardson-Schulte from her Dundas home.

So, many of the festival’s concerts will be multimedia affairs. On Thursday, April 11, Hamilton-based composer Christien Ledroit, a Queen’s and McGill University grad and a former punk guitarist, will have his piano quartet Twice Removed performed to a video projection by Montreal artist Jean Detheux in the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Ledroit’s Wandering the Threshold of Delirium for solo violin and optional electronics is also scheduled along with Vincent Ho’s piano sextet Four Paintings by Leestemaker, Ana Sokolovic’s Blanc dominant, and Toru Takemitsu’s Rocking Mirror Daybreak..."