Exploring Centrestreams: Lori Freedman's "No Man's Clan"

April 8, 2013

Hello again, fellow explorers of Centrestreams! Have I mentioned how great it is that I get to spend this time listening to tons of new music as part of my job? It certainly has been an education for me. I must confess that I haven't always been a fan of new music, and even now find much of it daunting and difficult. Getting to immerse myself in the over 16,000 tracks that we stream on Centrestreams has opened up an amazing amount of exciting, interesting music that I hope all our web users and music lovers are taking advantage of!

Moving on. Today I am listening to Lori Freedman's No Man's Clan. We have a few of Lori's tracks on her Centrestreams Channel. She is a clarinetist, and widely known as a fantastic improviser. (i can also highly recommend her Sappho Improvisations, which features some spoken poetry by Patti Schmidt along with Lori's bass clarinet improvisations).

No Man's Clan is a piece written for five bass clarinets, or bass clarinet and tape (as in our Centrestreams recording). Freedman is playing live along with her recording of the 4 other clarinet parts. This track starts with four minutes of an interview with Larry Lake on Two New Hours, during which they discuss the meaning and genesis of the work. Freedman describes how when she wrote this piece she was feeling like an artist that was (and is) not very easily categorized, and also talks about her miixed Jewish, Polish and Scottish heritage leaving her in a "Clan of One."

Speaking of not-easily-categorized composers, when I listen to Lori's music I can't help but think about Laurie Anderson. Probably because they are both "Lori-s," but the use of layered clarinets, (Anderson uses a lot of saxophones), tape, spoken word, and improv in Freedman's music makes me think of "Big Science." (In the best possible way).

Click HERE to listen to No Man's Clan in our Centrestreams player!