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Some Great Works by Quebec Composers: Listening Suggestions

Some Great Works by Quebec Composers: Listening Suggestions

October 24, 2013

"This article offers a selection of recordings of great musical works written by living Quebec composers aged between 55 and 70.

After briefly dabbling in serialism and a form of minimalism à la Steve Reich, José Évangelista (1943 -) founded Traditions musicales du monde, a concert society dedicated to promoting non-Western music, and quickly turned to composing music based on both non-Western and Western traditions. The Burmese piano, Javanese and Balinese gamelan, and the folklore of his native Spain in turn inspired works essentially based on melody, presented most often without accompaniment (monodic music) but enriched and ornamented by all sorts of variations (a process called heterophony). Based on two-part structure used by many traditional Indian songs, Alap et Gat (ATMA ACD22242) is a high point in his productivity, skillfully composed and immediately captivating listeners, with a slow introduction by means of a free, improvised character, and taking them in an accelerando that seems to have no end, like the melody that articulates and renews itself incessantly..."