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Bramwell's brainchild

Bramwell's brainchild

January 17, 2014

VSO's music director puts new music in the spotlight for the new year

"...There are several strands to the VSO endeavour, first and foremost a celebration of British Columbia composers. This on its own is testimony to the remarkable degree of diverse activity that marks our region. And that in itself marks a significant change in the fortunes of contemporary music.

Decades ago the very idea of grown-ups devoting themselves to the creation of new music seemed eccentric, almost preposterous. Not any more. Greater Vancouver now has composers the way ... well, you complete the simile.

And the VSO has stepped up in a major way to provide opportunities. Consider the Jean Coulthard Readings, the VSO's showcase for emerging composers. Students once had little hope of ever hearing their works played by a real live orchestra, this year some three dozen works were submitted from around the province..."