Stacie Dunlop

Region: Ontario
Stacie Dunlop

Profile Type: Performer
I Play: Soprano


Soprano STACIE DUNLOP is an avid freelance performer of contemporary music. Highly involved in the creation of new music, Stacie has commissioned works from Canadian composers R. Murray Schafer, Harry Freedman, Juhan Puhm, Clark Ross, Scott Godin, Tawnie Olson and British composers Sam Hayden and Paul Whitty. Her repertoire spans from song through chamber, orchestral and operatic mediums with performances across Canada and the U.K. She made her Canadian Music Centre debut with pianist Cheryl Duvall on February 26, 2014 and upcoming performances include a cross-Canada tour of Kurtàg’s Kafka Fragments with violinist Andrea Neumann. As a new member of Toronto’s Thin Edge New Music Collective, Stacie will be premiering works by composers Christopher Reiche and Hiroki Tsurumoto in June 2014. Looking forward to next season, Stacie will be performing in a premiere by Toronto composer Adam Scime for soprano and violin generously commissioned by Daniel Cooper.