Turning Point Ensemble - HyperEnsemble: May 2 & 4, 2014

Friday, May 2, 2014
Event Title: Turning Point Ensemble - HyperEnsemble: May 2 & 4, 2014
  • Region: British Columbia
  • Venue / Location: Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre at the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts Simon Fraser University, BC
  • Time: 7:15pm
  • Price: $10-35
  • Genre: --
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Turning Point Ensemble

Date: May 2 & 4, 2014
Time: 8 pm
Location: Fei and Milton Wong Experimental Theatre at the Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
Simon Fraser University

A groundbreaking concert! Automated music with robots, and live interaction of large ensemble, computers and electronics. Turning Point Ensemble will be transformed into a technology expanded ensemble with the assistance of leading composers and researchers Arne Eigenfeldt, Keith Hamel and David Eagle.

“Arne Eigenfeldt, Keith Hamel and David Eagle are world leaders in the use of computers and cutting edge technologies in the fields of metacreation and interactivity of computers and live musicians” says Turning Point Ensemble Co-Artistic Director, Owen Underhill.

In Eigenfeldt’s new work An Unnatural Selection, the members of the Turning Point Ensemble will play from iPads music that is created by the computer in real-time. What is Metacreation? It is the idea of endowing machines with creative behavior. Arne Eigenfeldt has created a modified artificial intelligence system where the computer is programmed to create a complex work of art for multiple performers on the spot, giving birth to new musical ideas and developing and controlling the interaction of these ideas as the composition progresses.

Keith Hamel’s Les Cloches is “all about bells”, says the composer. During the performance, the sounds of particular instruments of the orchestra are sent to a computer, which processes these sounds by transforming their harmonic content and combining them with bells and fragments of Gregorian chant. As the composer states: “Les Cloches is the most ambitious composition I have undertaken in terms of the number of instruments being electronically processed and the complexity of the spectral treatment used.” Les Cloches (excerpt), by Keith HAMEL by AMP21C on SoundCloud

David Eagle’s Two Forms of Intuition involves a sophisticated distribution of live ensemble and layers of processed and interactive sound into eight channels, creating a rich immersive texture of sound events. As the composer says, “Each layer then begins to move from speaker to speaker creating the illusion that the listener is in the middle of the orchestra.”

Turning Point Ensemble is again at the forefront of presenting bold and innovative musical works. Owen Underhill says: “What is particularly exciting is the application of these technologies and programming strategies to large ensembles, hence the creation of a ‘HyperEnsemble’ as opposed to a single “HyperInstrument.”